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10 Things We Can't Believe Happened This Year And Not 100 Years Ago

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

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The other day, my friend and I were talking about the fact that I actually managed to scrape in my Hen's party this year before my (non-existent) wedding. No shit, it was only two weeks before restrictions hit, no one was even talking about it, and yet, we honestly couldn't believe it was in the same year that brought us this:

Party fashun 2020. Source: GiPHY

With lockdown worldwide, COVID-19 has made this year feel about 62 million years long. It got me thinking...what else feels like a fucking lifetime ago but was actually just earlier this VERY SAME YEAR?!

1. Tiger King

Remember this guy? Source: GiPHY

2. Billie Eilish sweeping the Grammys

She's just a bad guy. Source: GiPHY

3. Parasite winning Best Picture at a fully-attended Academy Awards

You tell 'em, Jane Fonda, you saucy minx. Source: GiPHY

4. Cameron Diaz had a baby

Pls come back to the big screen ASAP. Source: GiPHY

5. Harry and Meghan jumped ship to LA, and said CYA to royal life

"I've made a huge mistake." Source: GiPHY

6. The Fire Fight Australia Concert was held at ANZ Stadium in Sydney

This is one we never hope to repeat. Source: GiPHY

7. David dipped Hayley's toothbrush in the toilet on MAFS

It's a no from me. Source: GiPHY

8. Fashion retailer Bardot went into administration

How could this be?! Source:

9. Kobe Bryant passed away in a tragic helicopter crash

RIP. Source: GiPHY

10. You either went to work, a wedding, a gig, a friend's house with 10 people or some other big event with not a care in the world

Me at Disney on Ice last year. Also, so foreign now. Source: GiPHY

What else can you believe was this year and not forever ago?


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