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TV Shows That Turned Like Spoilt Milk

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Let's be real. Did anyone watch The O.C finale?

Cos killing off the main character ALWAYS works so well... Source: GiPHY

*Spoilers ahead*

We've all been there. Gotten into a show we thought was fab, it starts off great, but like milk, it slowly starts to spoil until you think, life's too short for this shit. You abandon it quicker than Demi Lovato abandoned her engagement, because we have better things to do than watch shows with promise that turned to shit, like:

The O.C

How we all felt about Season Four. Source: GiPHY

Gosh, when The O.C came out there was nothing cooler. Back then, we had like four TV channels (Gen Z, breathe!), so your whole school was watching and holding onto every line. So what did the writers do? Get rid of the MAIN CHARACTER Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) and THEN paired her will-they-or-won't-they bad boyf Ryan with school geek, Autumn. Like, no. WOULD FRIENDS HAVE PAIRED RACHEL WITH GUNTHER? I bailed the minute Season 4 started, SANS Marissa. Bye!


It me. Source: GiPHY

I absolutely loved the first two season of Glee. It was different, fun, loud, full of a diverse cast singing amazing songs and the invention of the 'mash-up.' However, so many shows set in high school just fuck up when it comes to the college years (see, Dawson's Creek). There was way too little focus on sideline characters like my girl Mercedes (Amber Riley), they pretty much tried to re-do season 1 with a new 'Glee club' at the school which tanked (you never gonna be Rachel), and of course, all the various tragic deaths and crimes of the cast in real life just made it totally unwatchable. End it after high school, like most Glee clubs do. Auf Wiedersehen!

The Crown

It was a most unsympathetic portrayal. Source: GiPHY

I know not everyone will agree with me here. My partner and I started watching this mainly cos everyone at my new job watched and I wanted to fit in. I just felt The Crown overall is just... meh. Like, could I watch the whole series? Probably. Could I also never watch another episode again and be completely fine? A responding yes. It was just kind of...snoresville. Toodleoo!

Search Party

How I felt watching this series. Source: GiPHY

I really wanted to like this, as I stated in its actual review here. However, it was just so unfunny, everyone was so unlikeable and the resolution to the mystery of Season One so violently underwhelming that I left it quicker than an influencer raced back to the botox clinics when they reopened. In a word: disappointment. Arrivederci!

Normal People

Me wondering how everybody loves this show... Source: GiPHY

Guys...what am I missing here? So slooowww, so unoriginal, so boriinnggg. Ugh, so many eyes and stares and sighs. Bailed after a few episodes and never. Looked. BACK. Poka!


What we all wanted to do when Donal Glover left the series... Source: GiPHY

Community was one of those shows that was really up and down. When it was right, it was oh so good, but when it was wrong, it failed so poorly. A big part of the reason people watched was for the bromance between 'Troy and Abed in the mor-ning!' (look, if you know, you know). Continuing on without Troy is J.D without Turk, Jerry without George, Ross without Chandler. Anito!


My first heartbreak was this show. Source: GiPHY

Gosh Revenge was delicious. Ridiculous, over-the-top-middle-of-the-day-drama delicious, but I totally lapped it up. That was, until protagonist Emily (Emily VanCamp) got stabbed in the stomach by her husband on her wedding night when he basically said making her barren was his gift to the world (!), and then the actual love of her life got murdered, as did her best friend. Oh, not to mention she had spent the whole series avenging her father's death - only for us to find out he was magically alive. Too dark + too ridiculous = too much time wasted. Adios, muchachos!

One Tree Hill

How many girls you do this to onset, Chaddy boy? Source: GiPHY

Co-Laller Nikki is gonna spit FIRE at me for this, but OTH was just never really my jam. To me, it always kinda felt like the poor man's O.C, and I didn't love how Chad Michael Murray switched from one love interest to the next, both on and off-screen. Au Revoir!


Us when we realised we may have to watch Season 3. Source: GiPHY

Guys, Heroes was the SHIT. I gulped down Season 1. Remember, 'Save the cheerleader, save the world'? Mind-blowing. But...that where it should have ended. It would have been the coolest ever miniseries. But instead, they kept plodding along, where the twists and turns made it so confusing that it felt like even the writers weren't sure what was up (see also, Orphan Black). While I'll always have a soft spot for Hiro Nakamura, to Heroes I say, Sayonara!

The Office

Us when Michael was on screen. Source: GiPHY

Now, obviously, The Office is one of the best comedies of the 21st century. But time and time again, it seems writers think we will just hang about a show without the main character. Guys...we have streaming now. It's not the only thing on tv, you can't force us! Once Michael (Steve Carrell) was out, so was I. Salaam!

Note: I will add here that I have decided the "new" seasons of Scrubs and Arrested Development don't count. Just like the limit, they don't exist.

What show did you leave with reckless abandon and couldn't care less?


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