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Creative Date Ideas For Valentines Day

We 100% guarantee a better time than a walk around the Tan or a Zoom date.

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Fact: I give good date. So much so, I wish I could date myself sometimes...but I'm not that much of a narcissist. So this is for you daters, whether single or coupled up who I'm sure are looking forward to IRL experiences. So let's skip the boring dinner-and-movie basic sh*t and get a bit more creative.

Mini Golf

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To be honest, the idea of golf bores me to tears, potentially due to associations of a certain ex-boyfriend or the fact that I'm not a middle aged white man. Mini-golf on the other hand - total winner! Particularly if you have one that doubles as a bar so you can drink down some tasty cocktails while shooting some holes. Let that competitive side bring a bit of fun to the date! My suggestion to make things a lot more interesting - place wagers or make your opponent date drink a shot of tequila each time a hole in one is scored.

The Spa Date

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The majority of men don't usually book themselves in for a facial or massage, so a couples excursion is definitely a good excuse for them to save face (pun intended) but also enjoy some much needed pampering. With isolation only allowing you to get health related massages, just quietly, my body is ready! If it's your partner's first time, they may seem hesitant at first, but they'll definitely be wanting more. Potentially not suited for the early stages of dating - but if you're keen, maybe opt in for a package that has a glass of bubbles on arrival.

Moveable Dinner

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Now, this one takes a little bit more effort and planning than the stereotypical date, but it's definitely going to knock the socks off whoever is lucky enough to be on this date with you. Because remember, you're a real snack 😉 The idea is straightforward - start off with your entree at one destination, mains at the next and dessert at a third venue - all paired with drinks (of course). Pro tip: make sure each venue is within walking distance (5 - 10 minutes at the absolute max) and make sure to pick places that don't require bookings and generally don't get too crazy busy.

Paint And Sip

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Don't have a single creative bone in your body? All good, that's what the alcohol is for! A few glasses of wine deep and you'll either be a pro or too tipsy to give AF. These classes break down painting almost as easy as Paint By Numbers. Places like Cork and Chroma or Cork and Canvas in Melbourne offer great options for couples - you can paint your significant other in Picasso style. It's modern art, so no one can be offended, and you'll have the portrait as a keepsake. Win-win!

Cocktail MasterClass Or Cooking Class

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If you're noticing a pattern, yes, you are 100% right. Booze is a surefire winner for any date, but if it's not your schtick...there's always learning a new cuisine! You'll also get to support the hospitality industry at the same time of upskilling your #masterchef or mixology talents - or mix the two together, vodka pastas are an absolutely MOOD rn. Have a great date and improve your life skills.

You're totally welcome, by the way. Oh, and remember to drink responsibly. You'll want to remember these dates in the morning.

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