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How To Get 20% Off Throws And Scarves

We can finally have people in our homes, so it's time to make them look lush AF.

Mmm, cosy-cose!

Say hello to your new favourite Aussie textile brand with 20% off from Codu for Large Amond Latte fans only!

Hold up. What’s Codu?

An Aussie start up, our friends at Codu were looking to find a way to make luxury products like cashmere ("Did you say...cashmere?") and merino wool affordable for the masses. Thus, Codu was born!

Codu is a creation from the Estonian and Spanish languages, a hybrid of the words Kodu and Casa, both meaning ‘home’. Aww! 100% Australian and family-owned, they source their materials worldwide before having them expertly crafted for the masses. Enter, YOU!

What can I get?

Codu’s aim is to add style and luxury to your home, with elegant and timeless pieces for all occasions. They’ve started with a luxxeee range of scarves and wool throw rugs that can be used from summer right through to winter, with a wide choice of colours and fabrics to suit your home and your fine self! The most popular range is the Soho Collection, designed with texture and pattern and woven in Europe.

Where is it available?

You can simply use this link to head to their website, but Codu have been exploding on the design scene – think Temple & Webster, Zanui - this ain't no bargain-basement shit for your stain-ridden sharehouse in 2003.

Why do I want it?

Um, have you looked at it? But also:


Codu use merino wool, which has natural moisture-wicking properties that pull moisture away from your skin. This makes it the ideal comforter for those hot summer nights when you still want to feel cosy at bedtime. They've got you, no sweat - literally.


They have looked to merino wool as a sustainable material that is water repellent, durable and flexible, which is a long-lasting material without the depletion of quality. It is both breathable and insulating, so can be used over summer and winter. When it is exposed to damp conditions, wool also has natural wicking properties that pull moisture away from your skin. This makes it ideal for activewear or as a blanket for people who tend to get sweaty; wool fabrics keep you comfortable and dry.

Support Causes

Codu are a company that regularly give back, with their most recent promotion giving 25% of profits to the Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

Support Local

Plus, you're supporting a local Aussie business, a couple who "hope to help you create a level of comfort and style that says ‘home’ for you."

What kind of stuff is it?

Each collection is named after an English neighbourhood – like the Paddington, Richmond, or for the fance ones, Brighton collection too. But this is no cheapo throw. This is luxe, honey. With a range of colours, fabrics, products and selections, there is something for everyone - your home, yourself, a gift (from me, to me...)

What’s the deal? I want my discount!

As friends of Large Almond Latte, the folks over at Codu wanted to reward our fans with a special Summer Launch Special! Simply enter the code LAL20 at checkout to receive a massive 20% off storewide!

Head to Codu and shop the range with your discount code LAL20 at checkout now!

All imagery provided by Codu.


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