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How We First Met: Steph and Cicca

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

The Summer of Cicca turned out to be a failed pursuit.

Featuring stories around the world of how a love story began - romances, friendships, and everything in between.

Image: Supplied

Cicca had just moved back from Benalla, ready for the 'Summer of Cicca! (Note from Steph: 'He still blames me for ruining the Summer of Cicca and doesn't know how he got stuck in this relationship!') Meanwhile, Steph decided last minute to go out with the gals. A friend arranged to meet up with some guy mates. She spotted Cicca and thought he looked fun, so decided to dance around him so he would notice her. He did - he bought her a drink and they hung out all night. The next day (after meeting her mum on the first day!), Steph gave him her number but didn't expect much, but he messaged to go on a date that week. When they met up again, it was like they had known each other forever. Two weeks later, he asked Steph to be his girlfriend and they have been inseparable ever since - they are engaged and waiting for the shitshow that is the 'rona to end so they can bring the house down at their wedding!

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