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  • Nicole Sherwin

I’ve Gone From Zero To 100 Obsessed With Formula One Thanks To This Netflix Documentary

Updated: May 30, 2021

Imagine you get fired from your job at the start of the year, but have to keep working there until the end of the year.

Vroooom vroooom draaaamaaaa. Image: Decider

I’ve been passionately in the camp of giving zero fucks about Formula One my whole life. I threw it in the same part of my brain as Krispy Kreme and McMansions - reserved for high-level bogans. But since watching ‘Drive to Survive’ on Netflix, I have done a full u-ey on my position. I’m so obsessed I actually now watch Formula One, for fun. Then I have to debrief with my friends about it. Because, the DRAMA.

I’d heard good things about the production quality of the doco, so having already smashed everything else on Netflix, I put it on as background noise, while I did something else no doubt very important, like watching 14-year-olds on Tik Tok for three hours straight.

But it just started to grab my attention. Daniel Ricciardo… well he doesn’t have to do anything but be on screen. He’s just equal parts talent, looks, and charisma so I’ll watch him clip his toenails TBH. But out of nowhere, he leaves Red Bull, because he doesn’t want to be #2 driver.


Then because one driver shuffles, they all shuffle! It’s job musical chairs. Wild. Then there’s the American guy who buys a team so his son can be a driver! But they’re actually really good and the average teams get mad and dob on them because they think they copied Mercedes car. Or Pierre Gasley, who Red Bull drops from their main team into their reserves for not performing, then when he’s in the reserves he fucking wins a Grand Prix!

It’s the bloody Ferarri of Netflix Documentaries. (Which, ironically, if you watch Season 3, wouldn’t be a great thing because they have a terrible year, but don’t worry, they bounce back).

Take it for a test drive. I promise it will not disappoint.


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