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  • Nicole Sherwin

It's Time For A Skincare Routine 5: Moisturisers and Sunscreens

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

As grown adults, I think we all know by now that UV rays are out, even if the sun isn’t. 


Note: all recommendations are author's own and prices are correct in AU$ at time of publication. Please ensure you know your own skin conditions before using any of the below recommendations.

It’s Time For A Skincare Routine- as discussed on Episode 11 of the Large Almond Latte Podcast.

Have you read the other parts? Make sure you get all your beauty hacks in order for your fresh new routine here.



This is as mandatory as a daily shower, no matter what your skin type. In the morning you probably want a light, hyaluronic based moisturiser, so you don’t get too greasy during the day. At night you can go a thicker one if you like.  Personally, I want as light as possible, because a heavy one suffocates my skin and I feel as clammy as a pedo in a kindergarten. Resident Beaurt Expert Julia says moisturisers are very personal, so if you find one you like, stick to it.

“Moisturiser is super personal, so if you have found one you like I say stick with it! I have used a variety of different ones in my time, but always comes back to my trusty Cetaphil; I feel like if you are using enough serum/treatments for your concerns, then you can leave your moisturizer pretty simple” (Resident Beauty Expert Julia).

Our recs:

  • Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-Rep Hydrator is an addictively refreshing gel-cream which helps skin create its own internal water source. This stunning formula keeps skin almost twice as hydrated at the end of the day than it did before. *Works nonstop for 72 hours, leaving skin endlessly plump and dewy—even after washing your face. *vs. Moisture Surge™ Extended Thirst Relief.

  • Pricey, but worth the price tag!

  • Our best brightening face cream visibly reduces dullness & dark spots for smooth skin. Improves look of tone, texture, fine lines in 1 week. Made with Neoglucosamine, AHA, PHA to brighten & resurface.

  • Neoglucosamine, AHA, PHA and Mandelic Acid

  • Visibly improves tone, texture, fine lines

  • Boosts surface cell turnover by 10x

  • Holy Grail – basic but effective at making my skin soft and hydrated, dermatologically recommended and an absolute star for the price

Also, guess what? Unless you are going to apply a tablespoon size of moisturiser with SPF, the SPF in it is not enough. You need to apply a separate sunscreen. 


Get a face one so it’s not hella thick - a nd that’s your day routine done!

Once you’ve put your day moisturiser on, go make some vegemite toast, because you can’t put your sunscreen and make up on for another 5 mins.

Our recs:

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