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  • Nicole Sherwin

It's Time For A Skincare Routine 6: Retinol (Vitamin A)

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

This is the gold star in anti-ageing (obvi besides Botox). 

Your face after using Retinol for six months.


Note: all recommendations are author's own and prices are correct in AU$ at time of publication. Please ensure you know your own skin conditions before using any of the below recommendations.

It’s Time For A Skincare Routine- as discussed on Episode 11 of the Large Almond Latte Podcast.

Have you read the other parts? Make sure you get all your beauty hacks in order for your fresh new routine here.


If you’re over 30 this word is VERY important. Retinol. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles by producing collagen.  You can only apply it at night, and only a few times a week.  It also comes in different strengths from, 0.1% - 5%, then you have to go to Dr. Mark Sloan to get a prescription for the heavy shit. 

So, start slow.  Again, this is one that will peel your face right off if you go too hard too fast, just ask our fan Moni who recently burnt her face off with a 1% concentrate. 

Our recs:

  • I like this because it’s a booster, which means you basically just add a drop to your serum or moisturiser and can control, the dose.

  • Typically, Vit A/Retinol can be quite harsh on your skin – I find this one more gentle.

  • This stuff is $$ and also super potent, but I use it every now and then just on my forehead wrinkles and I honestly think it makes a big difference.

  • NOTE: DO NOT put this retinol near your eyes – I did that and literally burnt the edges. 😐

  •  Personally I’d start with something cheaper and see if you like it before you invest.


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