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  • Jessica Taylor Yates

New Things We Say Every Day in 2020 That We Never Said Before, Ever

Never thought talking about wearing a mask in unprecedented times during the second wave of the global pandemic that is Covid-19 would be my go-to chat, but here we are.



"Iso / Iso Lyf / Isolation"

"Wear a mask"

"Cute mask"



"Swab test"

"Corona virus, the rona, rona, Miss. Rona, Covid-19 / Covid / Covid Lyf"


"Social distancing / 1.5 metres"

"Zoom / Zoom party / Zoom meeting / Zoom drinks"

"Iso Trivia"

"Travel Bubble"

"WFH/Flexible Work/Remote"

"Cluster / Outbreak / Trace"

"Stages 2/3/4, Restrictions"

"Growth factor"


"Second wave"

"Global pandemic"

"Unprecedented times"

Man. That was some depressing chat. Here's a puppy.



R number image source: ScienceAlert

Unprecedented times image source: Floo Y Wong Artist

All other images by GiPHY


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