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“Why Didn’t You Just Save It?”

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Omg I just lost everything! - How to never say this again.

NO! Go back! GO BACK!!! Source: Dave's Computer Tips

We've all been there. Sayed up late writing an essay, cover letter (or in my case, a Strongly Worded Note), only for your computer to suddenly freeze like a teenager caught watching porn. NO! You shout. NO NO NO! This can't be happening! But it is. The little dancing circle appears, that smug little fucking circle going round and round until you have no choice but to restart - everything is deleted.

Just cos you have nice colours doesn't mean I don't curse the day you were born. Source: Business Insider

The only thing is - it's 2020. Whilst it's been the end of the world in MANY respects, losing your online shit shouldn't be one of them. Are you still writing notes by ink and quill? Saving to your computer or hard drive is so 2007. Grow up. Here's how to make sure you never lose your shit again.

Stop saving to your computer

Gen Z, you may need to Wikipedia this image. Source: GiPHY

Both Nikki and I had the unfortunate displeasure of saying goodbye to our MacBooks this month. Both of us were also dipshits who saved everything to said Macbooks, so for me, goodbye 100+ cover letters, CVs, and old photos, and for Nik, she thought she lost a lot of good podcast content.

This time around, it's all going to the Cloud, baby. There's simply no need to save to a single device anymore. Saving your work on Cloud storage like Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox means that your content is available on your computer, your phone, your mum's place, on a hostel computer in Guatemala. And before you get all 'But my privacy, the Cloud!'- get a grip. If you have social media, you already have a digital footprint that Interpol could access in 0.2 seconds. What are they gonna steal, the cat memes you screenshotted? Deal with it and move on with your life.

Upgrade your phone storage

If you haven't joined the Apple cult, don't. GET OUT NOW. Source: GiPHY

For idiots like myself who have also accidentally submitted to the Apple Cult, they are tighter than my butt in jeans during COVID when it comes to phone storage. I felt like I had five photos before my storage limit was up and they demanded I pay. Damn cult life. That said, don't be shnorrer and continually delete pics. I pay something like $1.50 a month for maximum storage and haven't had to delete anything, and it is all backed up to the Cloud as well. If you can't afford $1 a month in storage, reconsider your life priorities - and maybe stop carrying around an $800 phone.

Take photos of photos

Is it weird I've added a photo album of a family I don't know? Source: GiPHY

So, whilst I'm all for backing up, I'm not a complete digi-monster. I used to LOVE making scrapbooks, am what I refer to as a Neat But Slightly Alarming Photo Hoarder, and have boxes of albums in my shed. Sometimes I wake at night in a sweat, panicked that if the house was on fire that they would be lost forever and so I need to check to make sure they're safe. After that, I check on Will. Anyway. Whilst I've been too lazy to photograph full albums, sometimes I'll take photos of photos (like the cute pics my mother-in-law showed me of Will as a baby, I can't!) so that I know I will have them always.

Go digital when you used to go handmade

Still go to the effort and make ME a card tho. I'll take a photo of it. Source: GiPHY

So, I know I'll cop some for this, and I'll be honest, it's still hard for me. At the start of our relationship, I would make Will beautiful cards, photobooks and letters (I later found I was referred to as a "Stage 5 Clinger".) Once, after I found a card near the trash and had a meltdown and wondered why it hadn't been framed next to his bed/made into a shrine, he asked politely if I could please go digital with my Declarations of Love. I couldn't believe it. It's almost as if my crayon on canvas meant nothing. But, as long as he decided to keep the rest and kiss it before bed, I have hopped on the digi-card train. Also, for you sustainability lovers, better for the environment! Love all round.

Put it all online!

...but still a handwritten journal. Source: GiPHY

Everything that's paper - your receipts, your warranties, your MyGov. There may be some things you don't want on there (safe combinations for those fancy enough to have a safe) or don't put all their info in one place to avoid a full Identity Thief scenario, but basically, if it's paper and can be online, do it. Think of apps that scan receipts, keep spreadsheets (in the Cloud, of course), and keep your MyGov or equivalent up to date. Dig is your friend

Take screenshots of everything

Oh, I see what you did there...Source: Large Almond Latte

This one may be more so for the writers, or jilted lovers seeking revenge. Or maybe you're both. So, years ago, I worked at Entertainment Tonight (I know, coolest name drop). I wrote so many articles for them and was like YES my career will soar! By the time I came back to Australia and finished uni, I went to find all my work to provide links to - only to find it was all gone. Poof! Eradicated. I had exactly 0% proof I had ever written for them.

I decided this could never happen again. If there is something online you need - something you wrote, the price of an item, a comment your ex wrote to his mistress you need in court - screenshot that shit. Or lately, I've been using the Chrome extension 'Go Full Page' which snips the entire page (rather than the 'Snip' tool which can only cut what's right in front of you) so you got RECEIPTS.

Taylor knows what's up. Source: Docswiftie


Any other tips you have for making sure you don't lose your work?


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