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  • Nicole Sherwin

Teenage Bounty Hunters

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

It's like The Politician, but good.

Source: Spoiler TV

Teenage Bounty Hunters is the surprise party you need, especially if your birthday was in lockdown. Bringing you some punchy lolz from start to fin.

Sterling and Blair, aside from having names high on your baby name list, are sheltered fraternal teenage twins, living in Trump's America. They’re gun-toting, God-fearing children of well-to-do Republicans living in the South, who accidentally become child bounty hunters apprenticing for this guy Bowser, who works out of a yoghurt shop, which looks tasty.

Source: IMDB

The show stars absolutely nobody you’ve ever heard of, but will soon. One of interest is Sterling, played by Maddie Phillips, who lived in Australia as a child and went to Penrhros School in Perth, which is the same spenny, elite school Laura from Bachie went to.

The show deals with the classic teen coming of age challenges: losing your v plates, breakups, finding yourself, exploring your sexuality and dealing with the fact that your mum is living a double life.

Source: Rolling Stone

I was nerv about the conservative backdrop at first, I thought the woke police might cancel me for even watching it, but this show is produced by Jenji Khan of Weeds and Orange is the New Black fame, and true to her form, this show is highly satirical. So, like The Politician, but good. This works because the satire is pinpoint accurate and the cast is as strong as The Hulk. It zooms in on the evangelical ‘purity’ culture and responds to it with a fearless lesbian story line and general Girl Power energy that The Spice Girls would be proud of. A big, subtle fuuuuck you. That’s not to say they don’t slip a few conservative messages through the keeper. Like, ‘the right to bear arms,’ which was about as subtle as seeing a giraffe shopping at Westfield. For a teen drama-com, it’s not on script. Also veering off script of the teen drama-com are the twists and turns you actually won’t see coming.

Source: Just Jared

Oh yeah, so there is bounty hunting, but it’s definitely a side storyline, which I’m not mad about. So I feel another name may have been more appropriate, because also although they are teenagers, or more accurately, in something true to teen drama-com form, 20-somethings playing teenagers, I would have felt mildly better about watching it as a 30-something, if the title didn’t have to remind me of that.

Definitely worth a watch. 8.5/10.

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