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The Block Recap: Master Bedrooms

You know who likes red? Charging bulls, and hungry people at Macca's drive thru.

Source: Channel 9

Here we go guys! Welcome to our weekly armchair judging session of The Block. As the resident Work-From-Home (WFH) Judge, let's dive in and give the reviews on what we're really thinking.

Interlude - more judge dancing. Still painful, but at least no awkward gaps.

Okay, let's go:

Harry and Tash (1920s)

Yes! Give us crazy lighting fixtures, pop colours, some glamorous gold and funky mirroring!

Hoping for:

Yes, deco queens! Source: Bedroom Ideals, Pinterest, News Infurma

What we got:

I felt like a kid ran amuck in Freedom and said, 'Everyfing! Everyfing!' Source: Domain

The biggest room was...a lot, and many of the individual pieces were nice, but it felt mis-matched to me. The positives: I get the whole peacock 20s vibe, the TV-mirror is finally something luxe, and I personally like carpet in a bedroom. But, again, I felt we could have gone grander, and way more homage to the 20s was required. The resting chair didn't match the decor, the bedhead absolutely did not go, and again, I did not feel the theme - are the eras just over now? In terms of the walk-in-robe (WIR), I quite liked having the little make-up nook (that's what I would use it for), and finally FINALLY we got some 20s lighting! Hello, why haven't we had this kind of glam throughout? Harry and Tash, if you can hear me, this is 20s! Keep it going!

WFH Judge: 5.5/10

In Person Judges: 25.5/30

Sarah and George (1940s)

I mean, I have Google, so I assume they do too. Here is what I was hoping for:

Mmm, clean and glam. Source: Ideal Home, Ashlina Kaposta

What we got:

The army called, they want their sheets back. Source: TLC Interiors

My eyes!

Okay, so their 'ceiling rose' was beautiful, that can't be denied. Great lighting and artistic elements, glad they added down lights as well cos there's nothing worse than a slightly dark room. The wallpaper is...divisive. I personally am glad they took a risk, but I can see how it can be jarring. But I DO NOT love the bedding. A red bedhead? My eyes! You know who likes red? Charging bulls, and hungry people at Macca's drive thru. The weird khaki bedding has nothing to do with the rest of the room (like, are we at an army base?) so the colours need to be redone. I have to agree with Neil that the wardrobe was pretty much an Ikea job that was ugly, and a musical mirror is cool, but let's go all out - is it a Magic Mirror? Lastly, I know Shayna hates a tv in the bedroom, but let's be honest. If I'm a bidder, am I choosing the room with a mirror that turns into a tv, or staring at some fire? Boring! I want my MTV.

All in all, let's redo that bedding and wallpaper, throw the bedhead to the wolves and we're onto something, team.

WFH Judge: 23/30

In Person Judges: 5/10

Daniel and Jade (1930s)

The 1930s can be glam. This couple haven't frothed a theme, but they really could find a way to make the 1930s into a contemporary luxe beach house vibe, like below. Hoping for:

When in doubt, think Brahhhtin. Source: The Honeycomb Home, Pinterest

What we got:

No room left in the budget for a picture hanger there guys? Source: Domain

Again, a lovely ceiling and light fixture, although looking now, does the ceiling rose seem a bit...small? I was excited for the Hollywood 30s-style wallpaper that also linked in with being beachy. However, I personally found the bedding to be a bit 'luxe hotel' and really heavy and dark compared to the rest of the room. I found myself wishing for more pinks and gold to go with the lovely themed cabinetry and lighting. The robes were quite nice - big and bright, and I appreciated the 1930s nod with the lighting in here too. However, I am so DONE with those boring white sheet-like curtains in every room. You have plantation shutters, get rid of them. Also, I know we wanted 1930s, but those lampshades are ugly as. Put 'em in the skip.

WFH Judge: 6/10

In Person Judges: 25/30

Luke and Jasmine (1910s)

I'll admit. With this...hoping for:

Source: CBC Television

What we got:

You're like a rollercoaster, toaster, with a big four-poster bed...Source: Domain

Guys, yay! I couldn't believe it - I actually really like it. We have all the ticks - we have luxe, it looks expensive, everything matches and is cohesive, it appears to meet the brief, but still somehow appears Brighton beach house breezy and modern. As Darren said, a 'beautiful mix of vintage and contemporary', and I have to agree. I loved the bay window (sheet curtains, be gone!) we've got coastal, vintage and glam at the same time that fed into the wardrobe with dope lighting. Well done.

WFH Judge: 8/10

In Person Judges: 25/30

Jimmy and Tam (1950s)

These two keep me happy. Yeah they keep winning and the others are shirty, but like, that's what happens when, like Tina Turner sings, you're simply the best. Hoping for:

Too far? Source: Pinterest, Love Property

What we got:

Come on, this was the best, the judges just felt they had to pretend they don't have a favourite child for a week. Source: Domain

Okay. So I love how this couple really know exactly what they're doing with their 1950s-meets-contemporary beach house vibe. Even just looking at this picture again, I instantly smile and would be happy to call it mine. The bedding was a beautiful cosy bungalow feel, and I loved the cheeky martini glasses to go with the 1950s bedroom theme. The luxe pink chair and gold accessories were beautiful and somehow 50s and contemporary at the same time. I must admit, I personally loathed the exposed brick. Yes, they're 50s, but you know - like corporal punishment and smoking while pregnant, some things just need be left behind. Now, in terms of the robe/bathroom controversy - the judges were right. I don't know how they didn't think of this. The first I heard when they said they wanted people to walk through the ensuite to the WIR, I thought, 'So, he's doing a #2 but she needs to walk through to grab her pearls?' Like, no. I didn't think the wardrobe was ugly (they have terrific styling) but unfortunately Darren was right - even though the master styling was glorious, merge the WIR where it was supposed to be, and start again.

WFH Judge: 8/10

In Person Judges: 21.5/30

So, obviously the 1910s were a shoo-in to win, win 1950s just behind, right?


Harry and Tash won! THIS! THIS WON:

Wtf?! I'm done.

Source: GiPHY

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