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The Block Recaps: Guest Room and Bathroom

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Something happened that made Shayna feel sick to her stomach...

Oh, I just can't wait to be King! Source:

Hi everyone, and welcome to another round of armchair judging. I am your resident work-from-home (WFH) Judge, here to comment on what we, as the uneducated but overly opinionated masses, really think. This week, I’m not going to add the usual 'what we were hoping for' this week, as we’ve already seen that on previous bedrooms and bathrooms, plus - we have two rooms per couple to get through, and you have things to do, like unloading your dishwasher. Let’s go!

First up - Can we rate Shayna’s earrings? Cos it’s a 10 for mine. Love!

Yay rainbow! Source: Channel 9.

Okay, moving on.

Harry and Tash (1920s)

Guest room

ZERO 1920s. Completely forgotten. Not even mentioned... Source:

My first thought was wow - I actually like it. The colours tie in really nicely - the art is in tune with the bedding, and oranges and blues make for a calming, nice guest room. I also like that they didn’t go ‘full kids room’ cos that’s super presumptuous, like, what if I just want to move in and make that my handbag room for all my Bali Mimco knock-offs? I will say that I am irked by a singular bedside table (symmetry is King) and the room is very small, although that’s probably not their fault. Nothing surprising or exciting, but it’s a nice clean hotel-style room. They have a sense of humour too, says Shayna:

Omg, they're so CRAZY! Source: Channel 9.


Pink is always okay with me. But wait. HORROR ensues... Source:

As you know, the first time they delivered a bathroom was triggering, the second was a welcome change and nod to the theme, so this went well. Even though they said they don't have to relate to theme for this week, that's odd. Like, welcome to my 1920s house...EXCEPT THAT ROOM, DON'T GO IN. So jarring! But I digress. First thoughts were that again, I was happy they have tied in the colour scheme with greys, white and pinks. The subway vertical tile is a no from me, just cos of all the grout but again, Brahhhhtin, they’re totally not the ones cleaning it. Personally, I don’t think the wooden vanity goes, to me that’s more of a hippie/beachy vibe. I also think the judges were being really harsh, losing their minds and overly critical over..something to do with tiles in the corner of the shower that wasn't totally even or something? I barely understood the issue, when Shayna said it made her ‘feel sick’ they were speaking like they forgot to put the toilet in the bathroom or something. Get a grip!

The Block Judges: 23.5/30

WFH Judge: 7/10

George and Sarah (1940s)

Guest room

What a gorgeous view. Source:

I don’t think anyone could not look at that sky-high wallpaper and ceiling and not think, wow! I loved it, and the fact that they are a bit bold with their wallpaper choices overall. Yes, sometimes they are not winners, but this one most definitely is. It's not overpowering like last time but is still quite striking and I like that they take design chances and aren’t totally beige with their taste. My only nitpick would be that while I rate the jungle theme and gold monkey statue (I want one), the zebra print seemed to be from a different style and time period (lol, not that anyone cares…) and needs to go.


What era is this again? Source:

Okay, the good: I do like how cohesive the colour scheme is. It looks clean and I do love George’s continuation of the hidden loo. I will say though that Shayna is also correct about the difficulty in adjusting the shower temperature, it looks super annoying, and the mirror looks a little cheap. Overall, very spacious vanity and well designed - I just do wish it fit in with their other two pink bathrooms so their style flowed throughout the home.

The Block Judges: 29/30

WFH Judge: 8/10

Dan and Jade

Guest bedroom

But what happens if - gasp - you have a girl who likes space as well?! Source:

Okay my first thought The colours in the first room are Black, brown, green, plus as all WFH Judges know, black and brown do not go. Also, stylising towards a ‘guessed’ buyer is such a risk. Like, they just decided this will be a boy’s room? What if an elderly couple move in? A gay couple who don’t want kids? A boss bitch? I think it’s weird to spend money on child’s toys, and not even particularly nice ones at that. On the plus side, the stylised ‘girls’ room fared batter, because it is more universal - this really could be for any sex or age. Like Darren said, ‘feminine but not girly’. It was better styling, open and beachy which I like. Overall, to be fair I think two rooms over one was definitely strong, just tone it down or you are pigeonholing the buyer.


Storage for days - come on judges, be nicer! Source:

Well, many may disagree, but I don't mind this. I know the green would not be to everyone’s taste, but I appreciate this season of Block contestants at least keeping it unique and fun. It may look a little dated (was that the point? Are eras suddenly back?) but otherwise I think Darren was being a little harsh in his critique, and watching Dan upset I was like noo don't make him sad! They worked so hard and delivered an extra bedroom, pay your respects! I think the colours looked lovely and it seemed homely and warm - just what their 'ideal kids' would like.

The Block Judges: 25.5/30

WFH Judge: 7/10

Luke and Jasmine (1910s)

Guest bedroom

I'm brushing up on lookin' down, I'm workin' on my ROAR! Sorry, this room brings it out of me...

Okay, I’ll be honest - I’m so conflicted. As a kids room - I love it. It’s a gorgeous jungle theme, it’s super cute, great use of space, the wallpaper is lovely and the hanging chair is super cool, like, I want it and I’m in my 30s. But again - what if a buyer comes in who doesn’t have or want kids? I suppose though then I should go back and fault whenever contestants put in handbags or ties, so that’ not really fair, is it? But there’s a difference between getting rid of a pair of slippers and a built-in bunk bed. Also, there was the 'copying' controversy, but who there wasn't looking at Pinterest? Overall, as a kids room, I adore it. As a guest room, you’d really have to make a lot of changes with that bunk. Just ‘deciding’ your buyer is a family is wishful thinking.


See, this is where a timber vanity belongs, says the chick with crumbs on her Kmart tracksuit. Source:

Beautiful. ‘Light and spacious’ as Neale said, and I agree. Loved the gold accents such as the towel holders and sinks, and I’m with Darren - love dried flowers that won’t die!

Era nod…

Hello? Anyone? Anyone at all? Source: GiPHY

Block Judges: 30/30

WFH Judge: 8.5/10

Jimmy and Tam

Guest bedroom

Do you think each week when Tam looks at wallpaper she's like, BIGGER! BRIGHTER! MORE PALMS!

The ONLY contestants still adhering to a theme with a cohesive look throughout. Feels somewhat unfair, but then, it’s still the best cos I ADORE their beachy style, and they are the only couple with continuous style that follow the era and beach living with impeccable taste. Yes, they’re my favs, I won’t hide it. Anyway. If I had to nitpick, I don’t love the bench near the window, it looks cheap and uncomfortable, and it would be better if cushioned like proper bay window nook. I’ll also add that the windowsills in the rooms of all contestants should have been painted too, the black is hideous.


Question: How do you top the 11/10 that was last week? Answer: You can't.

It’s very beachy, and peach is fun. I kind of wish there was more peach than terrazzo-look tile, so I totally disagree with the judges - more colour, more! Architecturally, I love how they painted the roof with all the colours against each other in a cool pattern, but nothing can top their pink masterpiece from last week.

The Block Judges: 29/30

WFH Judge: 8.5/10

Overall, Luke and Jasmine had a deserved win - they just better hope their buyers aren't full of Karens who want to use the room for gift wrapping.

Thoughts? Missed a week? Have a read through our Block recaps here.


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