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The Block Recaps: Studio And Garage Week

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We all hang paintings in our garage, yeah?

This is where you have to sleep when you get home after one too many beers. Source: 9now

*Spoilers ahead*

Harry and Tash are once again demonised by the judges, while it seems a 90s pull out sofa is the new frontier.

Hi everyone, and welcome to another round of armchair judging! This week, our poor tired contestants who have been living off an energy-fuelled diet of McDonald's were asked to do a garage, studio apartment and bathroom in just one week. Not many finished. But who succeeded?

I am your resident Work From Home (WFH) Judge, here to say what we're all really thinking, like, 'Who paints the inside of a garage?' Let's go!

First up, the judges need their mandatory wiggle.

NOW. Source: GiPHY

Harry and Tash (1920s)

1920s, LOL, even just typing that is as distant a memory as sweating in a mosh pit closer than 1.5m apart.

What we got:

Garage, studio, bathroom. Also, yay pink! Source: 9now

So, this was pretty nice! It's funny, I started off being a bit harsh on these two, but that's cos I'm a fellow Victorian. It's like bitching about your sister. You can do it, but if someone else says it, so not okay. That's how I'm feeling with the judges. I think they are way too critical of my Vic mates, and you can see how it's waning on them. They are gonna throw in the towel and head to Hungry Jack's for a rival Big Jack any minute. Now, the garage, fine, whatever, clearly Tesla was sponsoring for the two people in Australia who have one. I actually really liked their studio space. It's light and breezy, someone can actually live in it with a working kitchen, and the bathroom has my new 2020 favourite tile. I know the judges were on them about a desk, but you can set up a laptop at the bench like everyone else. Also - who do they actually think is living here? To me, it's you 19 year old son who sneaks a girl in while he's part time at uni and Woolies, or your nan. Point is, a teen is using it for video games, and a nan or nanny to rest. Chill out about the bloody desk!

WFH Judge: 8/10

George and Sarah (1940s)

They've been a bit of a mis-match on finding their style all season, but can our loveable daggy couple pull off three rooms in one week?

What we got:

Source: 9 now

Okay, let's start with the garage. I love to sit in a velvet chair staring at paintings after I pull up in my Tesla, how about you guys? Jokes aside, once upstairs - this was great. While darker hues and the styling weren't to my personal taste, the use of space was done really well in the studio apartment. There's a bed, storage, a desk, a Euro laundry and a space for dining, making it totally liveable for one or two people. I personally thought all these spaces could have done with a comfy chair to watch tv on (you don't always want to lie in bed) but it was done well, and the bathroom was a nice continuation of their black and pink theme. Overall, well executed.

WFH Judge: 9/10

Dan and Jade (1930s)

Source: 9now

So, while their garage was like everyone else, the one smart thing they added was a bathroom (far left image). Not a bad idea if you are working out down there / need a quick number 1 before going on a road trip. A good use of space. Upstairs, I felt while the studio was styled nicely, it just needed some updates - the judges were right in stating that they have a desk not near any electrical points (in front of the grey chair), and the tv is in a somewhat awkward position in the corner. Again a well-executed, clean bathroom. I wouldn't call them the winners, but I think they did well.

WFH Judge: 7.5/10

Luke and Jasmine (1910s)

So, I have pressure on these two, only because I know they are capable of great styling. I wanted a win for them, because like Harry and Tash, they were totally robbed in last week's front yard debacle.

What we got:

Like, come over and style my house pls. Source: 9now

So, the garage was pretty standard, which was fine. All you really want is some good storage in there and for it not to look like the before shot on the set of Hoarders. As for their studio, Luke and Jas have totally nailed their Hamptson-esque styling, and I like how they have carried that into their studio. I would love staying here, to be honest, like a cute little Air b'n'b. I think you could easily study off the kitchen table, although perhaps a better use of space there would have been a desk over the lounge seating no one will really use. I think Sarah and George have the edge with a better kitchen and a laundry, although this large bathroom is great and also beautifully done.

WFH Judge: 8.5/10

Jimmy and Tam (1950s)

These two and me are like those annoying on-again-off-again couples you know and you're like, make a decision already. During the bed and bathrooms we were in love, but then during lounge and yard week, I was seriously questioning our relationship. This week though, add me as a +1 on that wedding invite, cos we are totally on again!

What we got:

We are the three best friends that anyone ever had! Source: 9now

So, these two were the first couple to make better use of the garage space. Putting in a home gym was a great idea, and love that they thought to add a tv. Working out without a tv show on = sacrilege. Like, couldn't even contemplate working out normally, let alone without Netflix! I thought it was odd when Neale said buyers may be turned off. I barely ever work out, but just thinking about it or knowing I could, would be enough to keep me satisfied. Upstairs, the studio was done beautifully. I'm sure we all breathed a sigh of relief after the utter catastrophe that was the desert wasteland of last week. This was airy and bright, a lovely colour palette to go with their whole 'Palm Springs' vibe, the bathroom looks great and light, and an overall good space for study and entertaining. My one sore point though is that I think a proper bed is better than a sofa bed in here. Realistically, would you come up here to use a kitchen and a desk but not sleep? That's weird. Either just be an office, or have a proper bed - we all know sleeping on the fold out is a punishment.

WFH Judge: 8.5/10


Winners: It's a clear win for Sarah and George, who made their space the most functionable as a live-alone space.

Wrap it up: No-one really sucked this week, and it was a lot of work. Hopefully they're having a bit of a break with a chocolate McFlurry and getting ready for the last week!

Missed a recap? Catch up on all The Block action here. We're back every Sunday with WFH Judge thoughts on reveals with Large Almond Latte.


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