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The Block Recaps: Front Yard Week

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

All of Australia is allowed outside - but does that mean we want to be in the desert?

Is this the winner? All will be revealed. Source: 9now

*Spoilers ahead*

Poor Harry and Tash have poured their heart and souls into Front Yard Week with no reward, whilst water features get demonised.

Hi everyone, and welcome to another round of armchair judging! Just like the rest of us have been clamouring to Bunnings (okay, maybe just the Melbournians who are excited it’s finally opened) this week, we’re all excited to be outside! Now, I’m not going to focus on ‘what we were hoping for’ this week, because I can’t even begin to see what I was ‘hoping for’ for a 1910s backyard. Let’s be real, we all want a nice paint job and a well-manicured lawn for someone else to take care of. I am your resident Work From Home (WFH) Judge who knows nothing about plants, but loads about judging them. Let’s go!

Ugh. The Judges Intro. Like the eras, can’t this part of the show just get a gentle phase out?

Stop pls. Source: GiPHY

Harry and Tash (1920s)

The biggest space and tightest budget, we are told. I'm not sure how, as so many rooms seem bare, but okay.

What we got:

Lovely! Source: 9now

I have to admit, I was wowed by the front yard. It was a really beautiful transformation that had a lot of thought and work put into it. I absolutely adored all the arches that were a great nod to the era (finally), it's painted beautifully and instantly brings an elegant calm. Neale said it gave a feel of serenity and I agree; although I probably would have ditched the bench stage right. The curb appeal was really welcoming, and I agree with Shayna, the white bricks to match the house is a great idea. That said, I disagree with her about it being over the top. To me, it just looked like so much work, and it will grow out beautifully. I also disagree about making the front yard a play area and wanting more grass there. Come on. Kids play in the back in the pool, or at the beach, not in the front yard of a Brahhtin mansion. Chill out. Probably their best delivery so far.

WFH Judge: 8.5/10

The Block Judges: 26/10

George and Sarah (1940s)

Well, they started playing 'Power of Love' from my favourite film Back to the Future, so I was instantly hooked. That said, what actually happened back here on The Block?

What we got:

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones... Source: 9 now

Hmm. I was...unsure when this was revealed. I felt like there was a lot of cacti and grass tree elements that felt better suited to a desert climate like Nevada or something. I think they have painted the house well, and stain glass windows are always beautiful. With the yard, I know they worked hard but I wasn't sure what I should be feeling. It wasn't beautiful, calming or beachy. Definitely a lot of work and very 'neat', but not to my personal taste.

WFH Judge: 6.5/10

The Block Judges: 29/30

Dan and Jade (1930s)

Wasn't sure what to expect as these two a mixed bag, which as a viewer is fun - they're certainly not boring. What we got:

Can I steal this colour scheme for my place? Source: 9now

See, this is nice. Love the colour scheme of the white and charcoal on the home. Classic and bold, it's great, and I really liked the clear path to the home, no chance of stepping in dirt. The yard was simple but welcoming, looking really neat and refined. The palm plants were a lovely nod to the 30s too. Like Shayna said, it was elegant, and the Mayfield sign was a lovely touch. The judges are right in nit-picking on the brickwork and panelling, but that was time, not design. Lovely.

WFH Judge: 8.5/10

The Block Judges: 28/30

Luke and Jasmine (1910s)

My frontrunners with their gorj Hamptons-esque home. What we got:

Sleek. Source: 9now

Okay, let's talk about the frontage of the home first. Lovely. The white with plantation shutters on the federation frontage, so hot right now, but also a great nod to the time period. The cane furniture and palm tree cushions are good for a beach house (I was hoping for more palm trees throughout all the homes, but I digress). While the bench seat is nice, I'm not sure exactly why you would sit out the front when you have a pool out the back, but you know...sure. Might have been cooler to have a whole fish pond to stare at rather than dirt. Overall though, it looks contemporary and like it has just been done, which is what you'd want in a million-dollar home.

WFH Judge: 8.5/10

The Block Judges: 28/30

Jimmy and Tam (1950s)

YES, palm trees, I thought on The Week That Was, thank you! 1950s meets Brahhtin, woohoo! What we got:

But I already played the Flintstones song... Source: 9now

...And that's where my woo-girling ends.

I don't know guys, I was clenching my teeth. Do people want sand and bricks and cacti in their front yard?? I don't. Is that weird of me? It meets a Palm Springs vibe, sure...but this is Melbourne. Why not go more with the palm trees all over? They have the style right with their concrete walls, I get it, but it doesn't mean I would personally want it. Honestly, it says 50K was spent (insane on its own) and I am really struggling to see where that went.

WFH Judge: 6/10

The Block Judges: 29/30


Winners: It's a tie for Jimmy and Tam with Sarah and George.

Wrap it up: To be fair, everyone put in a lot of work that really went with their eras. It was the one week I really thought Harry and Tash deserved a win and my scores are completely different from the in-person judges, but that's the game!

Missed a recap? Catch up on all The Block action here. We're back every Sunday with WFH Judge thoughts on reveals with Large Almond Latte.


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