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  • Nicole Sherwin

The 'Can't Go Wrong' Mother's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

The ultimate list of gifts that are guaranteed to get your a banga birthday present in return.

It's the best of the best, really. Images: Supplied.

The #1 thing mums want for Mother’s Day? A nap. Unfortunately, Harry Potter we are not and we can’t work magic, but we can provide a list of the next best gifts to give the greatest woman in your life this Mother’s Day. And bonus! They’re all courtesy of Australian, female run, small businesses. Yaas queens!

For the Mum who Loves Something Cool

A personalised digital illustration – Mondae Studio

Source: Mondae Design

Send through your favourite pic of mum and Mondae will deliver you a digitised version. A step up from the classic posed family photo taken in the back of Big W for sure!

For the New Mum

New Mum and Baby Hamper – Little Shop of Happiness

Source: Little Shop of Happiness

Baby gifts? Tick. Wine tumbler for mum? Tick. Two birds, one stone. There are also gift boxes for established mummas too. At LAL, we’re big fans of the Little Shop of Happiness. Every gift box comes with a huge side of positive vibes, which in this current global climate, we are ALL FOR!

Affirmation Cards – Phenom Llama

Source: Phenom Llama

‘Live, Laugh, Love’ is not my brand, but I can confirm that the first few weeks of being a mum are some of the most challenging. Your hormones are wild and aside from sleep, the one thing you need is an affirmation that you are doing a good job. These affirmation cards are a unique gift and I can confirm they would be more valuable than a massage voucher.

For the Mum who lives to drink (all of us)

Rose Garden Gin – Bathurst Grange Distillery

Source: Bathurst Grange Distillery

I could do a whole article on alcoholic solutions for mum, but I’ve picked the cream of the crop, or the gin at the top? This gin is made with rose petals that are hand-picked from the Bathurst Grange garden, then distilled and infused with the juniper base. Server over ice with some tonic water and Mother’s Day is sorted.

For the Pampered Mum

A Clay Mask Kit – Green and Bare

Source: Green and Bare.

Skincare done clean. “Using only raw, highly concentrated ingredients like Purple Brazilian Clay and Hibiscus (and zero unnecessary crap), these masks are intentional, targeted, and handcrafted to make you look and feel good!”

Make Your Own Fragrance – Fleurage

Source: Fleurage.

You’ve gotta be on the Gold Coast for this one, but since I thought creating your own fragrance was reserved for celebrities, I couldn’t leave it out. Imagine when people ask your mum what perfume she's wearing and she turns around says she designed it herself. BOUGIE.

For the Organised Mum

Source: Little Strong Home

If your mum’s anything like mine, she has cans of beans with a use-by from 1988 sitting in the back of the pantry. She needs this, but let’s be honest, you want it for yourself.

The Proud to be a 'mum', Mum

Source: Tops By Tash.

It’s f*cking hard work being a mum. Hook them up with a personalised jumper or mug so they can tell the world they occupy the top job.

For the Mum Who Loves Sleep

PJs with a Purpose - Shopsos

Source: Shoposos

While we can’t give her an actual nap, we can give her the best, comfiest sleepwear to assist the nap endeavours. Plus 100% of profits from Shopsos Pink Pjs and $2 from all other styles go to The Cancer Council.

For the Water Mum

Source: Young Squad

Bright, eco-friendly swimwear. What more could you want? Oh, matching sets for the whole family? Yup, they've got those too!

For the Crafty Mum

A D.I.Y. Clay Starter Kit

Source: Sunday and Clay.

We might be out of lockdown, but we can still try new things! This clay kit is totally kiln-free, and comes with three surprise creations and instructions. Another one I’ll be buying for myself I think.

For the Mum Who Loves Flowers

Everlasting Flowers – River Botanics

Source: River Botanics

Just like a box of Cadbury favourites, you can’t go wrong with flowers. But what’s better than flowers? Everlasting Flowers. That way every time mum looks and them she’ll be reminded of you… forever and ever and ever...

Indoor Plants – Planted & Co.

Source: Planted and Co

Let’s be honest, this one’s for us too. After all this shopping for other people, we deserve one, (or 10) more indoor plants.

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