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  • Nicole Sherwin and Lucy Scott

The Millennial Guide To Fashion: Jeans.

All you need to know about jeans for your body shape.

Can I wear these as a 30-year-old? Yes, yes I can. Source: Canva.

Let’s be real, unless you’re a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and trotted through the wings of your mansion in your LV stilettos with your glam face on, you likely took a year off from fashion last year. TBH, I’m not mad about it, being comfortable walking down the street in elastic waistband pants might have been the best thing that happened in 2020. But I’ve come back in 2021 with NFI what’s going on in Fashville. Wtf are wide-leg jeans? Can I still wear my loungewear to the supermarket? Am I too old for chunky shoes? SEND HALP!

Well, actually, we went out and found help. We’ve consulted with fashion expert Lucy Scott. With over 15 years working with some of Australia’s biggest brands, she knows her way around a wardrobe. On our Instagram, we asked you to send in your questions and there were MANY. So, we’ve created 'The Millennial Guide To Fashion', to give you answers to the elder millennials' most important fash questions.

Part One: Jeans!

When it comes to buying jeans, what the f*cking f*ck? As if it wasn’t hard enough to shop for your body in the first place, then the TikTok juniors come and tell us skinny jeans are dead. (We had thoughts on some of their other trends, too). Thank the Levi's Gods that Lucy is here to clarify for us.

So Lucy, what jeans are acceptable? Are skinny jeans really dead? Even skinny Black jeans?

Skinny jeans are not dead and I prefer to think of them as a classic now. Let’s face it, not everyone has the right body shape to pull off the newer, more trend-led cuts like the mom jean.

The skinny jean has had such staying power because it flatters a wide range of body shapes. I’m a massive jeans girl and a true believer in investing in things that you love and that flatter your body shape over things that are ‘in fashion’.

How do you pick jeans for your body shape?


If you’re curvy, a straight leg jean that’s a bit more fitted around the waist and thighs will create some balance. Skinny leg jeans also work well on curvy girls!

If you’re curvy and on the shorter side, I’d opt for a cropped straight leg. Levi’s Wedgie Fit is also a super flattering shape on most body shapes. They hug in all the right places, but aren’t super tight on the thighs.

Good American have some great styles that are made for curvier bods too – highly recommend!

Lucy Recommends:

Rollas Original Straight Leg Sunday Blue Jeans. Available at David Jones.

Neuw Denim, Marilyn Skinny Zero Midtown Blue Jean. Available at David Jones.


If you’ve got an athletic build, a straight leg or mom jean will look fab on you! If you’re straight up and down, something that sits higher on the smallest part of your waist will look most flattering.

Lucy Recommends:

Rollas Original Straight Comfort Jet Black.

Zara Mom Jeans.


If you’re teeny tiny (5’4 and under) a lot of brands now do a cropped jean (hello Levi’s and Zara!) which are perfect for us shorties, as you won’t need to get them taken up! The Levi's 501 Crop is my fave and I’ve worn them to death. Also, Nobody denim has a whole category dedicated to ankle length and cropped denim!

Agolde also makes a super flattering jean called Riley if you’re ok with a slightly higher price tag for your denim. Lots of girls rocking around my office in these!

Lucy Recommends:

Levi's 501 crop jeans in washed black.

Agolde Riley High Rise Straight Crop. Available at Revolve Clothing.


If you’re tall and lean (jealous emoji) you are lucky and can pretty much get away with any jean cut, but I’d opt for a high wasted wide-leg or mom jean to help create a bit of shape. The 70’s vibe is very on-trend if you’ve got the bod to pull it off, high rise flared style. If you’re feeling adventurous, the balloon leg jean is a newer style to try!

Lucy Recommends:

Rollas Sailor Paris Blue Jean. Available at David Jones.

Agolde Balloon Organic high-rise straight-leg jean. Available at Net-a-porter.

What shoes do you pair with baggy jeans?

You can literally pair any shoe with a baggy jean, although if you’re short, I recommend a chunky heeled boot or a sleek strappy sandal. In summer, a chunky sandal and a cutaway tank or an oversized shirt will look cool!

For work (depending on your job and your confidence in heels) I’d go a stiletto boot, a heeled loafer or a strappy sandal with a blazer for a more polished way to wear a mom style jean.

Lucy Recommends:

Alias Mae Jax Croc Mid. Available at David Jones.

Zara Animal Print Heeled Loafers.

What jeans are appropriate for the office? What should I wear with them?

It depends on your office environment. However, with most workplaces having relaxed their dressing guidelines over the past few years, jeans have become a practical and cool way to make your corporate wardrobe, well, less corporate. I’d avoid ripped jeans, but practically any other style is office appropriate you just need to dress them up more than you would on a weekend.

My go-to is a great straight leg jean, a thin layering knit or an oversized shirt with a long blazer or trench coat with a great boot. Everything looks put together with a trench coat on, despite my husband calling me ‘Inspector Gadget’ or ‘The Flasher’ every time I wear one. I love this super affordable trench from Mango, who do super fast and free shipping to Australia.

For a slightly more elevated jean option, you could try this belted version from AJE or a pair of Cream jeans that will go nicely with a trench or winter coat, and look slightly more dressy than your average blue jean.

Lucy Recommends:

Zara The Marine Straight Leg Jeans.

Blanca Benny Shirt. Available at David Jones.

Alohas South Black Leather Boot.

Mango Long Flowy Trench coat.

Aje Dylan Demin Belted Jean.

Camilla and Marc Lola Cropped Denim Jean. Available at David Jones.

Now you know, so get shopping! And don't forget to use Shopback to get cashback from participating online retailers.

Stay tuned for The Millenial Guide To Fashion, Part 2: So Hot Right Now and keep following our Insta to submit your own fashion q's for Lucy!


Lucy Scott has worked in fashion for over 15 years, working with some of Australia's biggest brands. Lucy's favorite things in life are expensive cheeses and her cat Mavis.


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