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The New One-Stop Gift Shop For Seriously Everyone

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Need to buy a gift and overwhelmed by choice? Breathe. We gotchu.

Ugh, present shopping. Where to begin? Chocolate, wine, games? Wait, do I need to go to heaps of stores and then compare 10 different websites to make sure I'm getting the best deal? Man, now they all want me to sign up. This is exhausting. Well, no more. Welcome to Eve Gifts, your one-stop shop for gift boxes from over 100 retailers. If you're a last-minute gift buyer (guilty) or just looking to make gift-giving easier, this is the place that has all your favourite products in the one place.

Plus, right now you have the opportunity to WIN this amazing Pamper Night In Giftbox!

Featuring: – 2 x Espresso Martinis – 2 x Sukin Pamper Facemask – 2 x Beauty Headbands – 1 x Chocolate Block

Usually with an RRP of $90.00, all you have to do to take this luxurious pamper pack home for you and a friend is to follow both us and Eve Gifts on Instagram, tag two friends on this post and that's it! You're in the running!

So, back to Eve Gifts! Here's why we're loving them sick:

They support local Aussie businesses

Eve Gifts has a motto that they want to 'leave this world a better place than when we found it.' This means that by supporting small local businesses, you are able to help Aussie creators and reduce carbon emissions that occur on long haul deliveries.

It's a Lady Start-Up

The brainchild of Melbourne's Kimberley Winter, by supporting Eve Gifts you are also supporting a #ladystartup which was conceived during lockdown, says Kim, 'I’ve always been a last-minute gift buyer, so the idea for a marketplace came about from having all of my favourite products in the one place.' While most of us were eating 10,000 calories in front of Netflix, Kim was busy making her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur come true, giving a platform to local creatives and businesses to keep Australian businesses thriving. She wanted to give them a platform, as 'There are a lot of gifting companies on the market, but it’s hard for customers to find them. A lot of our merchants run retail stores and don’t have the resources to put into complete marketing and advertising campaigns.' Step in, Eve Gifts!

So many categories

With so many boxes and categories to choose from, you are totally spoilt for choice. This year I've been buying more hampers for friends than I've had hot dinners thanks to lockdown, and the search takes ages. I've been comparing websites, brands, types, it's exhausting, I love how it's all here! From categories such as DIY art to alcohol, fashion, eco, iso care packages, games, books and handmade, there's truly something for everyone, whether it's a friend, a newborn, a partner, a couple, yourself (read: yay!) - it's all there!

All the brands!

There's no shortage of pro brand with Eve Gifts. Think T2, Loving Earth chocolates, Sukin, Mountain Goat, Alpine Valley, the list goes on. It's so easy to pick and choose all the brands you love under the one roof, and have fun exploring new creative Australian enterprises as well!

They're different

While Eve Gifts has many of the gift boxes that have become popular, what I like is that they're themed and a bit different. There's an Iso Games Pack with Uno, alcohol and chocolate (um, yes), Zero Waste Homewares packs from Us And The Earth, a DIY Painting Kit and a range of other options that are a a little more out of the box!

Value for money

I was shocked at the value of some of these boxes. We've all gone to send someone flowers and chocolates, seen a price tag for $100 and been like, really?! What I like about Eve Gifts is that you really do get what you pay for. From single products like Christmas cakes and teas starting at $8.00 to gift boxes from just $30, there really is a product and gift box to suit every budget.

For any occasion

Whether its a birthday, Father's Day, Christmas or you just want to cheer up a mate, Eve Gifts has an amazing range. Plus I just love knowing I am supporting local businesses and creatives.

Shop the range here.


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