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The One Where We All Spent The Weekend Watching The Friends Reunion.

They're still there for me.

They got off the plane. Image: Variety

Is there a single Friends fan alive who did not smash the Friends Reunion special this weekend? I seriously doubt it - streaming platform Binge even stopped working on Saturday night because everyone (presumably, a bunch of Victorians in lockdown) were logging in for their tight-ass two-week trial to watch. Luckily, I already had Binge (how else will I know who killed Erin on Mare of Easttown tomorrow?!) So let's talk about some of the stuff that happened cos I am not quite ready to say goodbye.

How hot does Jennifer Aniston still look?

She's so pretty, I want to cry. Image: Deadline

Bitch hasn't aged a day. And dammit how fun does she seem? I gotta admit, I was never really a fan of Rachel Green - she's actually so self-centered and bitchy, she even stole Monica's baby name, but Jen Aniston? Like, I want drinks - but just don't pose in a photo with me, ever.

Joey is officially in Italian daddy status

How you doin'? Image: Collider

Like, how has he not been given a part in a Martin Scorsese movie yet?

Chandler did not seem...thrilled.

Hi Chandler Bing-a-ling! Image: Deadline

Could he BE any less thrilled to be there? Chandler was always my choice for Marry in F*ck, Marry, Kill (Joey, Chandler, Ross in that order obv) and I love a funny man, but it was a bit sad hearing how stressed he's been. I hope the millions he made are of some comfort. Also fun fact: he dated Janis Ian from Mean Girls for a while. The more you know.

Courteney Cox IS Monica.

Rules CONTROL the fun! Image: The Australian

Aside from her looking quite...different...I loved watching how competitive she got in the real-life Friends game. All of them were a little of their characters, weren't they?

Where the fuck was Mike?

Just take off your shirt and tell us. Image: HBO Max

No Paul Rudd? No Ben? No Carol? I get if there are scheduling conflicts, but not even getting a mention of why they couldn't be there felt a bit weird. Instead, we got like 2000s celebs chatting and it's like, NO. We want Tag and Joey's sisters, not models and singers.

Why don't the Friends know Friends?

Dig a little deeper, Ross. Image: HBO Max

Was anyone else like, 'It's Mr. Heckles! HECKLES, dammit!' when they didn't know the answers?! Like, have they even watched Friends? We are all much better friends to the Friends than the real Friends are. It's like they don't know that we know that they know that we know Friends better.

THAT Ross and Rachel tea

See? He's her lobster! Image: HBO Max

Um. Was anyone else NOT FUCKING COPING at the tea that dropped when David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston (Ross and Rachel) said they had REAL LIFE crushes on each other?! Like, EXCUSE ME? Ross and Rachel are REAL? That first kiss hit with all the feels! GET TOGETHER GET TOGETHER!!!

We miss our Friends

Source: HBO Max

BRB. Off to smash all 10 seasons for the 476th time.

The Friends Reunion special can currently be found on Binge and Foxtel.


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