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  • Nicole Sherwin

The Seltzer Saving My Summer

When you want something refreshing that's not rose.

I cannot drink a single sip more of rose. It’s my own fault, I went too hard, too soon this festive season and I’m just too old. I guess this is how elite athletes feel when they’re past the peak. They love what they do, and in my case I love rose, but in both cases we just can’t perform like we used to.

But I’ve found a solution. Splash Vodka found its way into my fridge and honestly it’s saved the day, or days, all of them between Christmas and New Years.

Splash is a vodka based seltzer. It’s 100% natural and sugar free. So it’s kind of like a cruiser (which you know I love), but for when you don’t want diabetes. The best part is because it’s so clean, I feel like I’m really offsetting the 217384 kilos of Pav and Choc Ripple Cake I’ve been consuming over the festive season.

It’s bloody lish. I’ve been sipping them all day and not feeling bloated or full. It’s a perf sidekick for your summer.

Oh, and fun fact, if you’re a huge fan girl like me, Splash is the child of Neighbours alum Olympia Valance.

Splash comes in Raspberry and Lime. You can pick it up at your local Dan Murphy or order it online.


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