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This Is 30

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Oh. Is this it?

Whilst many of us who have entered the next check box on forms would know, there's certain opinions that change with entering your 30s. People are buying houses, getting married, having kids, sure. But it's more than that. A spray tan is for a wedding, not for a Tuesday. Leaving the house is trakkies is fine, botox goes from something you laugh about celebrities getting to having your new doctor on speed dial. It got me thinking - what else has changed upon turning 30?


1. I love cleaning with my cordless vacuum and counted down the days until it arrived

2. I love high waisted, comfortable pants

3. I wince at the thought of stilettos

4. Make-up must be worn to avoid looking like the walking dead in the office

5. Staying In is the new Going Out (even pre-rona)

6. I always hope people will cancel plans

7. Conversation is about renos and home loan rates, and I dig it

8. A party is over 10 people

9. I couldn't think of anything worse than a night at 'da club'

10. I do not know where 'da club' is

11. I am excited about kitchen and bathroom tiles and actively plan to look at them on my days off

12. My friends ask for probiotic recommendations

13. My friends get pregnant on purpose

14. The idea of backpacking or sleeping in a hostel room of strangers has zero appeal

15. I do not understand new social media

16. I actually said 'back in my day' un-ironically

17. My drunken purchases are things like great ring polishers and durable phone cases

18.I'm almost starting to understand what the share market is

19. I look back at when I thought I was fat and wish I was that fat instead of this fat

20. Liz Lemon is the new Carrie Bradshaw in terms of who I aspire to be

What else defines your 30s?

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