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  • Nicole Sherwin

TV Review: Summer House

The best reality show you've never heard of.

Source: Bravo TV

When I first watched Summer House, I was not in. I was like, ‘These people are way too old to be partying every weekend until 3am, they’re my age.’ But I got over it quick, because it’s entertaining AF.

Summer House follows a group of elder millennials hustling hard in New York during the week and partying harder in The Hamptons on the weekend. But unlike our Real Housewives in The Hamptons, the Summer House friends aren’t flush. They work hard for their summer freedom, which is something totally relatable, even if them leaving work at 12pm every Friday is not.

Three of my new best friends: Kyle, Lindsay and Amanda. Source: Bravo TV

The revolving door of friends/cast all rent a ‘Summer House’ together in Montauk. And it’s the classic reality TV show formula we’ve come to love from Bravo: Toxic friendships, drunken meltdowns, betrayal, bullying and incestuous hook-ups. Yay!

The best thing about Summer House is there are four seasons, so if you’ve just had your parole denied like mine, you’ve got hours of low involvement viewing ahead of you.

Source: Bravo TV

As the sun comes out, watching this will get you so excited you’ll need to poop. I promise you’ll be inspired to jump on Airbnb and book a house down the coast for you and your friends this summer. I was!


You can watch Summer House on 9Now, HayU, Foxtel or BravoTV in New Zealand.

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