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  • Jessica Taylor Yates

What The F*ck Does A Senior Art Producer Do?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Each month, let's investigate a career we might know the title of, but have zero idea how they fill their 9-5. This month, let's find out - what the f*ck does a 'Senior Art Producer' do?

With Ashley Holmes, Senior Art Producer from California, USA!

Image: Supplied

Who are you and what do you do? Hello, I am Ashley and I am a Senior Art Producer at an ad agency! Don't get it. Explain in more detail, what does that mean? Like, okay it's 9am and... I start working, which involves looking for photographers, directors, illustrators, animators etc. to execute ad campaigns. I negotiate the contracts and oversee the production on set. Do you like it? What’s good and bad about it? I like it because it is a good mix of creative and business. I wouldn't like doing all one or the other. I also love when I get to travel, which isn't all of the time, but usually a couple of times a year I get to go overseas somewhere cool or random. My last work trip was Slovenia. The hardest part of my job is managing all the personalities. I am usually the go-between for different people with varying interests. I have to deal with a lot of big personalities and keep everyone happy, all while staying in budget! What kind of person should do it? You have to be a very visually orientated person, which I am, and a people person, which I am not. No job's perfect!



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