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  • Nicole Sherwin

Buying A Home - With Glen James From My Millennial Money (Show Notes)

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Everything m3 co-host Glen James recommended on our pod.

The first home we're all definitely buying. Source: Amino Apps

This segment is from the podcast episode, 'Buying a House with Glen James from My Millennial Money.' Listen below where you get your pods:

My Millennial Money Podcast

Two years ago, it all started with a little podcast called 'My Millennial Money.' It's got practical and fun tips on managing your money.

My Millennial Property Podcast

The m3 podcast hosted by John Pidgeon and Emily Wallace going "narrow and the deep into property."

First Home Owners Grants

These differ in every state, so check out your state's offering:

Envisage Property

Glen's m3 co-host John Pidgeon is a Property Coach. On our pod, Glen talks about the value of investing in a clarity call with John to get a third party review of your approach to home buying:

"Envisage Property is focussed on strategically actioned success for investors, owner/occupiers, first home buyers, downsizers, upsizers, developers and those embarking on a joint venture though house and land, off the plan, and Buyers Agent solutions. With over 20 years of experience, we ensure an easy process with access to top notch developers and builders around the country who understand exactly how to get the best results for you."

Envisage Q&A

John Pidgeon and Glen James of My Millennial Money talk house and land packages:

SQM Vacancy Rates

This site shows a bunch of property reports by suburb across Australia. On our podcast, Glen specifically mentions using this site to find property vacancies across suburbs. If vacancy rates are high, supply is high but demand is likely low and vice versa:

Glen James Spending Plan

Because being broke sucks. This spending plan isn't a budget. It's an online course that helps you automate your finances:

My Millennial Money Facebook Group

This group is life changing. Discussing money in a practical sense with people facing the same decisions as you is life changing, I promise!

My Money Journal

"Welcome to the journal that aligns your dreams, goals and money simultaneously. "

When he’s not being Australia's millennial money expert, Glen likes shopping at Country Road and staying in nice hotels. He navigates the m3 team through a variety of first world problems and only occasionally makes inappropriate jokes.

Thirsty for more? Listen to a new Large Almond Latte podcast episode every Tuesday.


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