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  • Jessica Taylor Yates

The Best of The Cannes Red Carpet

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

From an Aussie chick in pyjamas who has never been.

Image: GIPHY

Blake Forever!

According to everyone's most trusted university research site, Wikipedia, the Cannes Film Festival is 'an annual film festival held in Cannes, France, which previews new films of all genres, including documentaries from all around the world'. This is where films are launched, deals are shaken on over martinis, and stars are born. But to us mere mortals, we're not gonna catch these flicks til later in the year on sweet Cheap Tuesday at the local shopping centre. But what we can do, is look at the fasshhuun.

Presenting: The Best of The Cannes Red Carpet!

Note: If you hover over each pic you'll get a bit of a caption. Enjoy!


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