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Top 10 Local Products To Cheer You Up

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Gift card for you? Or I could just keep it...

Sometimes, money really DOES make us happier. Whether it's buying something for yourself or a pick-me-up for a mate, we've got the lowdown on the Top 10 Products from Aussie local suppliers you can buy online right now that might cheer up a mate - or fuck it, yourself. Let's go:


Yass! Australia's own Beer Cartel is here for us lazy folk who can't be assed driving to the store, but still want a fancy craft beer. The Aussie service provides a range of beers, glassware and fancy gift packs for all your alcohol needs solved with one click.

2. Dessert boxes

Omg you guys. Someone sent me one of these on Monday (maaay have forced it) and NOM NOM NOM! These geniuses have come up with a range of lush desserts like 'White Girl Wasted' (bonus: comes with wine), donut bouquets, and a range of options for GF and vegan mates across Australia. (Pls send to me slide into my DMs for address and a good time).

3. Books

A world to get into when ours is so bleak (note: not reading 1984 or Tomorrow, When The War Began anytime soon). With so many deals on at old mate Dymock's, like buy-one-get-one 50% off in Home and Lifestyle, there's a book for everyone. Plus, as a gift, you totally look like the 'intellectual' friend or relative. Huge Power Move.

4. A bit of self-love

No judgment here. Life's bleak. Spoil yourself at Femplay, the 100% Aussie owned sex store, with 20% off just for signing up. Prob a weird gift though.

5. A gift card

I mean, a little weird to buy for yourself, but you do you. SO handy as a gift when you have no idea what they want, or you know they want cash, but you don't want it to look as tacky. There are heaps of designs to choose from, you set the amount then BOOM job done. Sorted.

6. A gourmet basket

I've been the lucky recipient of a fair few hampers this year (getting married in isolation and getting made redundant has some silver linings...) and I will say, you do NOT get sick of them. Melbourne-based Gourmet Basket has one for every occasion, with a range of gourmet foods, wines, pamper and baby gifts. If you're umming and ahhing, like Nike, just do it. Receiving these is amaze and = Maximum Friendship Brownie Points.

Buy now, pay later booze

Whaaaat? How do I invest immediately, and where were you when I was only paid $8 an hour as a teenager underage drinking at parties? Get in my belly.

Up your leggings game

About a month ago, I decided to get rid of all my shmootzy, plebby clothes. Don't get me wrong - I'm still in leggings and trakkies at home on a daily basis, I'm not insane. But you know those old $10 cotton leggings with the holes, the trakkies that lost the waistband and the ones with the saggy crotch? Yeah, they gotta go. If you're gonna live in their comfies, feel at least 12% less shit about yourself in the Fit Kits from #1 WAG Bec Judd's JAGGAD range

Disney-fy your world

Guys, these are so cute! Short Story is a home-grown company who create meaningful stories and happiness through their products and gifts. Right now they've got a collab going with Disney, such as Mulan themed lamps and candles (I mean pls, you had me at Mulan), Frozen-themed pouches and Disney-themed earrings. Actually...brb need the Pocahontas earrings ASAP...

Feed me

Is there a better way to your stomach than food? Man I love Youfoodz, legit. Like not so frozen that you feel like a sad loser, but not Michelin-style effort cooking that's cbf and you end up getting take away. Just in the middle - fresh, ready made meals. And starting at just $6.95 each...I know what's for dinner tonight...

Remember, if you're able, times are tough.

#SupportLocal where you can.


*Thanks for shopping our recommendations. Whilst individually selected for our audience, just a heads up that LAL is eligible for compensation from the links on this page if you choose to shop through them. Thanks for your support for us and locals, Lallers.


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