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Top 10 Most Fashionable TV Characters Of All Time

She's the lady in red, when everybody else is wearing tan...

It's called fashion, look it up! Source: GiPHY

Ah, dreamy tv wardrobes. Even though they rarely make sense if the character was real - looking at you, one column a week Carrie Bradshaw decked our in Dior - clothes for these characters become as synonymous with the shows as the stories themselves. For some, the clothes are a character or the sole reason we tune in (hello, Emily in Paris). From preppy vibes to lady bosses, take a look through our favourite tv characters whose style is as iconic as the shows themselves.

Samantha Jones, Sex and The City

Have you met Miss Jones? Source: The Telegraph, Popsugar, Cosmo

Yes yes, we all know, Carrie is a style icon, but what about Samantha? Always dressed like a boss from head to toe, Samantha's style was of a sexy, stylish woman of age who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. Get me an 80s power suit and a martini, stat.

Joan Holloway, Mad Men

Va-va-VOOM! Source: The Weeklings, DuJour Magazine, EmilyInLove

Oh man, is there anyone who is sexier on television than Christina Hendricks? Yes the hair, the body, obviously, but it was a match made in heaven when she got the role of a lifetime as sexy and seductive office manager Joan Holloway on Mad Men. Set in the 1960s, her impeccable style gave joy to curvy women anywhere, proving that having a bit more to love is sexy af. Sizzzlleeeee.

Moira Rose, Schitt's Creek

She may be crazy, but she's never boring. Source: Popsugar

Moira Rose's style may not be to everyone's taste, but she is certainly iconic. I love a character who knows exactly who they are, and for Moira, she was able to demonstrate this through her wardrobe, dashing around the tiny town of Schitt's Creek in her designer ensembles. A personal favourite for me is her designer gown for her awards ceremony (centre) like...can I wear that on my next Woolies run?!

Midge Maisel, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If you could just hand over the clothes, that would be great. Source: Mashable, The Telegraph, JustJared

If you haven't gotten around this yet, why not? It made our Top 10 of 2020! The fashion is as important as the storyline, if not more so. I live for the clothes in this show set in the late 1950s-early 1960s, with the darling Midge Maisel a perfect character to drape everything from awards gowns and performance wear to bathing suits and streetwear from the 1960s. Every outfit is impeccably styled with hair and accessories, and as one fan exclaimed, the show and the fashions are just a real 'treat' from start to finish.

Fran Fine, The Nanny

She's the lady in red, when everybody else is wearing tan. Source: Fashion Journal, Buzzfeed

Who doesn't love them a bit of Fran Fine? From start to finish, whilst questionable taste and budget for a nanny, Fran's style never failed to delight. Glam, quirky, tacky, business, she could pull it all off with a flair for bright colours, sequins, short skirts and crazy patterns. At the time, I also didn't realise that most of it was designer. If you're craving your Fran Fine fix and want to know exactly where to get the outfits, I recommend following @whatfranwore on Insta for all your Fran-addiction needs.

Alexis Carrington, Dynasty

You scare me. I like you already. Source: The Telegraph, Huffpost, Tv Guide

K so full disclosure, this character was before my time, but judging from only three fierce looks, I can just tell that she is an icon. Anyone who is into shiny things, hats, gloves and colour blocking is an instant style icon in my bock. Hail Joan Collins forever.

Emily Cooper, Emily in Paris

Come for Paris, stay for the clothes. Source: JustJared, InStyle, Shopyourtv

So we've discussed this show a little on our Instagram, @largealmondlattemedia, and the various feels we have for the show itself. While conflicting, no one can argue that watching the clothes in the background as you scroll your phone is a sheer delight. It seems costume designer Pat Field is relishing the opportunity with her new protege, and we are here for it.

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

The OG. Source: Bustle, Whowhatwear. Shopyourtv

Ah, where our love of crazy style on camera began. One of the original style icons to turn her character into a full-blown brand, Carrie Bradshaw could be hit or miss, but when it was a hit, it was an 11. Unapologetic about her love of style, mixing vintage with designer and pioneering looks such as Louboutins, tulle skirts, visible bra straps (questionable) and corsages, the character certainly has been cemented in history as one of the most fashionable of all time.

Diana Trout, Younger

My kweeenn! Source: JustJared, Women on tv, Yahoo

My love! The third Pat Field show to make our list, others may put down Kelsey Peters or Liza Miller, but for me, I'm all about those accessories. Diana Trout is a BOSS, and is single-handedly responsible for my love of chunky necklaces (hers are Chanel, mine are Lovisa, but you know, same), blood prints and fierce fashion choices. Her clothes show a character who knows her style, her work and herself, so you better get out of her way.

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

Never watched, but I feel based on this I would like. Source: Harper's Bazaar, Popsugar, Insider

Don't @ me for not watching. I don't get watching school shows after school. It's over. Except Sex Education. Anyway. Preppy and polished, designers flocked to get their pieces featured on the show that spawned a million magazine covers and celebrity clout for the actresses playing them. GG's Blair Waldorf is unapologetically upper east side - so look, but don't touch. She's expensive.

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