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  • Jessica Taylor Yates

Best Fashion Montages On Film

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Is there anything better in a movie than a full-blown fashion montage?

Source: InStyle

A makeover, make under, a series of outfits, it's always my favourite scene cos it's fun, so don't @ me. I think there's just something in feeling like the Head Stylist, deciding for yourself what you believe the character looks great in, voicing it with friends, yay-ing or boo-ing at the result, and of course, wishing you could wear what she's wearing! Note: we're talking montages, not makeovers, so no She's All That vibes, k? Those glasses, and that ponytail. Let's take a look at some that, for better or worse, provide the most fun!

Clueless - Cher's Computer (1995)

It's like, totally buggin'. Source: GiPHY

Okay, name a more iconic fashion scene. I'll wait. Is there a 90's girly girl alive who didn't dream (or still dreams?) of having Cher's amazing computer program that matched and then sourced her outfit for her each day? It was amazing...but seriously- why doesn't this exist yet? Quit tweeting and get on that, Musk.

27 Dresses (2008)

If you don't love this scene, you're not human. Source: Fox.

Despite the hotness of the two leads, carrying off some of these dresses was a big ask. Watching rom-com queen for two seconds Katherine Heigl model all 27 of her (mainly hideous) bridesmaid dresses is one of the best scenes in the film, giving it its namesake as well. this movie seriously 12 years old? I feel old af.

Sisters (2015)

Uh Tina, I think you've got that on backw- you know what, never mind. Source: GiPHY

The underrated comedy from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler stars the two as sisters, who throw one last shebang at their family home before it's sold. The scene where the two comedians try on Gen Z-style outfits completely incorrectly is hilarious and remains a top contender.

13 Going On 30 (2004)

Note to self: rewatch tonight. Source: GiPHY

Man, I love body switch movies, in all their forms. 17 Again, Freaky Friday, It's a Boy/Girl Thing (k, making a note to do a post on that ASAP). 13 Going on 30 is another one that filled my fantasy - I was totes gonna be the editor of the now-defunct Cosmo by 30! Everyone's bff Jennifer Garner stars as Jenna, a girl who makes a wish on her 13th birthday and wakes up as a 30-year-old cos OLD. Cue fun fashion scene where she has a new fab wardrobe! Watching her blossom fashion-wise but keep her childlike sense of adventure and heart makes her transformation all the more fun.

The Great Muppet Caper (1981)

Look around, Miss. Piggy...Source: GiPHY.

Okay, I have to let this out, it really grinds my gears that not only do people barely realise that this is hands down the best muppet movie of all time, but that it is also just on its own one of the best films of all time. I literally watch it on my birthday every year (I am 32, not 7). I mean, come on - in one picture, we have comedy, action, mystery, action, romance. Aside from Back To The Future, no other movie has it all. Okay, maybe Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


My love for this fabbo film aside, one of the most iconic scenes is when Lady Holiday, famous fashion designer, sends her models down the runway in a slew of pastels leading to the divine Miss. Piggy's fantasy fashion scene above. Over 40 years old (omg...1981 WAS ALMOST 40 YEARS AGO WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING?!) the fashions are as iconic as ever and still take my breath away. WATCH IMMEDIATELY.

Bridget Jones' Diary 2: The Edge of Reason (2004)

Wasn't my favourite from the montage anyway, tbh. Source: GiPHY.

Okay, so this was definitely not the best of the Bridgey bunch. But there is a really fun scene where Bridget is doing the standard rom-com 'run after the one you love' scene, and chooses what to wear for her Big Entrance. She runs into her apartment and tries on a handful of outfits and runs out in each one to see if she can get the approval from her cab driver. In one she is wearing a sheer top and mini skirt to which he shakes his head and replies in his cockney accent, 'Disaster!' It's now how my husband and I respond any time we want an opinion on how we do anything.

Pretty Woman (1990)

Wild women do, and they don't regret it...Source: GiPHY

Hi best friend Jules, we meet again! In the world's best movie (fact, look it up) Julia Roberts plays a prostitute whose charms enamour businessman Edward. After she is turned down for the way she presents herself on Rodeo Drive and tells Edward they were 'mean' to her, he takes her on a massive shopping spree (fomo!) Cue montage, where he informs the store owner that he plans to spend an 'obscene' amount of money (and leads us to one of the most iconic fashion moment on film). Watching her dance around in her kicky 90s outfits is fun, but watching her then tell the ladies on Rodeo Drive they made a big mistake-big-HUGE? Priceless.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Source: Youtube

This scene is so much fun. When the main character Rachel is due to attend one of the biggest social events on the Singaporean calendar, her rich friend from college comes to the rescue. This montage is made all the more fun by all the funny side characters who take part - the cousin who brings an entourage of stylists, the friend's dad who keeps trying to get in his two cents, the family getting in on the action, the vicious commentary - one of my favs. Have a looks for yourself (also - I'd totally choose the rainbow!)

Mrs Doubtfire (1993)

Source: GiPHY

Gasp, a man? Guys, this scene counts, yo. In one of his most iconic roles, Robin Williams, unbeknown to his estranged wife, decides to masquerade as a housekeeper/nanny to get access to his kids. Problems with this aside, the scene where he visits his gay brother and partner begging, 'Can you make me a woman?' is a lot of fun, ranging from a Barbara Streisand vibe, a Jewish babi, and ultimately, the character we all know and love - Mrs Doubtfire.

Is there one we missed? Let us know!

Edit: So, here's what I've been told I missed: The Devil Wears Prada (more makeover than montage, no?), Confessions of a Shopaholic, Sex and The City Movie, Marie Antoinette, Funny Face and The Sweetest Thing. Thoughts? Are they worthy of inclusion?



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