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  • Nicole Sherwin

We’ve Discovered the Pinnacle of Activewear

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

As a self-proclaimed expert in activewear, I can safely say this is the best I’ve come across. And bonus, I can get the matching set for my small bb too!

Real gals in some real good activewear. Source:

As a Melbournian, I’ve been exclusively repping activewear since 2015 (espesh when not being active), so I’d consider myself somewhat of an expert in the field. I’d even suggest an honourary PhD would be appropriate. Safe to say, I know good activewear as soon as I peel it up my legs. And, in maybe the best news story I’ve got for 2020, I’ve hit the activewear jackpot with Melbourne’s very own Mama Movement, created by Faye Tan. Mama Movement only launched this July, so I'm basically a trendsetter too.

The Elite-Tier of Quality and Fit

There’s a fairly standard set of boxes to check when I purchase activewear and these bad boys girls tick all of them.

Bend Over Proof

See-through proof. Source:

The elite quality of Mama Movement pants means that when you squat, the person behind you at the gym can’t see the outline of your g-banger or your bare booty if that’s your jam (Don’t @ me, it’s definitely a thing!)


You know once I’m done with my workout (or instead of), I’m treating myself to brunch, because activewear and brunch go together like Ross and Rachel. But where am I going to keep my phone and cards? In the POCKETS! Faye knows what the people want and all Mama Movement pants come with convenient pockets to keep your goods in. Thank you!


You won’t need to stop your jog to hike your pants up.

Let’s be real. There’s nothing worse than running and feeling your tummy slide out over the top of your leggings. Post-baby, I’ve got quite an empty Santa sack where the bebe resided for 9 months (which is totally fine and natural), but when I exercise, I don’t like it bouncing around. Mama Movement leggings are high waisted, yasssss! So, they hold everything in and most importantly, actually stay up when you actually get active.

No More Loose Bra Cups in the Wash

"Yayyyyy, sewn in cups!" Source: @mamamovement_au

I have approximately 234 loose bra cups from crop tops sitting in my drawer. I don’t even own that many crop tops! Why do bras have moulded cups, but crop tops have pesky removable cups? Apparently, just to annoy us. That’s why Faye made sure her crop tops have the cups sewn in. So that way, your tatas stay in place and so do the cups.

They’re Flattery Magic

Looking gewwd. Source: @mamamovement_au

I don’t know if Harry Potter has been involved in designing these sets, but they’re flattering AF. I can’t explain it, I just know I feel banging when I trot down the street in them.

These stats are NOT ok. Source:

Let’s be real, there are hundreds of activewear brands on the menu, so Faye wasn’t about to quit her high-flying corporate day job just to be another smashed avo on toast. Mama-Movement had to be different, and it definitely is. Off the back of some unsurprising, but still highly cooked facts, Mama Movement is on a mission to spread body positivity.

Yggs! Source:

You won’t find any unhealthy, underage people in her imagery. Mama Movement is all about real women of all shapes and sizes on a mission to be STRONG and feel beautiful. Plus, bonus – this means you can actually picture how the activewear will look on you before you buy from seeing it on gorgeous real women.

There’s some for the bb!

Twinning with my small bb. Source: @mamamovement_au

Get this -there’s also a mini range! So, if you’ve got a baby (or want to borrow one) you can dress in matchy-matchy, which is honestly one of my favourite hobbies. Hopefully, the doggo range is coming next.

It’s Activewear Made From Your Old Pump Water Bottle!

If you haven’t already clicked ‘add to cart,’ the fact the Mama Movement is totally sustainable is another reason to click 'Buy Now'. The fabric is constructed from 100% recycled materials, which means fewer greenhouse gases, less water and less energy used in the production all round. Plus, it’s not only the activewear that’s sustainable, the kidswear is also made from organic cotton. Even the packaging and thank you card are eco-friendly. This purchase is definitely one thing you can feel good about this year!

Check out the range here.


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