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10 Things We Will Miss About Lockdown

Sure, I'm at this 9am Zoom meeting, but my screen is stuffing up, sorry guys, I'm out...

Getting ready for my 9am work meeting like... Source: Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Look...obviously 2020 has sucked. No-one can counter this. From the health and economic impacts to the social and well-being, there isn't anyone who has remained unaffected and the world waits for the day this is all a distant memory. That said, Melbourne has been slowly venturing out of lockdown. And while this is amazing for events, friends, relationships, dates (ideas here) and small businesses...well...there were some good things about lockdown we'll miss, like:

1. It being socially acceptable to wear tracksuit pants 24/7

Like, ever. Source: GiPHY

2. Never ever having fomo cause no-one is doing nuttin

Look...Saturday nights got weird. Source: GiPHY

3. Sitting on the couch watching Netflix being an acceptable hobby and past time

Every night in 2020. Source: GiPHY

4. "Working" from home five days a week

Not me though, boss. Love work. Agile. Capacity. Synergy. Source: GiPHY

5. Putting on weight but it doesn't matter cos you never see nobody so make those fries a large

But we all are, so 100kgs is the new 50kgs, get around it. Source: GiPHY

6. Saving So. Much. MONEY but not doing SHIT

Me, finally out of lockdown and able to spend my money. Source: GiPHY

7. Being in constant chat with your friends over a shared crappy reality tv show or news article cos no-one has anything better to do

I legit loved this. Source: GiPHY

8. Lockdown memes

Take your pick, really, but it's nice to have the world united on one big in-joke (cause if we don't laugh, we cry)... Source: GiPHY

9. Spending more time at home with our pets

I will never leave you @maple_gram! (Shameless momager at it again). Source: GiPHY

10. Being able to complain about lockdown and using it as an excuse for everything

Fuck! Source: GiPHY

Find out more about the fomo you feel now that lockdown is over here!


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