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  • Nicole Sherwin

It's Time For A Skincare Routine 3: Serems

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Up until now, we’ve been at pre-drinks get tipsy. Now we’re at the club and this is where shit gets wild. Just like you wouldn’t go to pre-drinks and skip the club (well I totally would), but you don’t skip serums. 


Note: all recommendations are author's own and prices are correct in AU$ at time of publication. Please ensure you know your own skin conditions before using any of the below recommendations.

It’s Time For A Skincare Routine- as discussed on Episode 11 of the Large Almond Latte Podcast.

Have you read the other parts? Make sure you get all your beauty hacks in order for your fresh new routine here.



They’re the main event. Serums are super concentrated antioxidants, actives or hydrators, so what you choose to use depends on which skin concern you’d like to target.  Basically, we’ve been drinking cruisers and now we’re doing shots and this is the menu:


AHA/BHA exfoliating serums are the strongest.  Like Edward Cullen, they’re very sensitive to light, so you should only use these at night, as while you’re sleeping they work to resurface your face.

Our recs:

  • Absolute cult favourite.  Super strong and super xxxy

  • YOU basically apply it on a cotton pad like a toner after you cleanse, and then when your skin is dry you add a serum/moisturiser

  • Adore Beauty have two for the price of 1 atm – insane value!

Vitamin B

Next up we have the acne and redness fighter. Vitamin B (of which Niacinamide is probably the most popular). It reduces the appearance of blemishes, congestion and clears up ya acne scars, basically. It also comes with a side of hydration and collagen production in some cases.

Our recs:

  • When I worked on my sheet mask brand, there was niacinamide in basically everything – it is amazing. It is basically to help skin congestion and blemishes, which is why I’d say more a treatment than a serum. I am not currently using this while I use liquid gold because I feel they might overload my skin and do similar things.

  • Note: this brand is great for affordable serums and treatments – their hyaluronic acid is my go-to every day

Vitamin C

Next on the menu, and this is super popular at the moment, is Vitamin C. It brightens your skin, boosts collagen and reduces dark spots, but it’s quite strong so check the % in the ingredients.  Also, it’s super unstable so you need to use it quick and keep it in the dark. 

Our recs:

  • This is what I’m using currently and I’m obsessed – I’ve only been using for a week and already see a difference! It basically makes my skin super soft and glowing.

  • This is what I was using before the one above, and still highly recommend. This brand is super amazing quality, and if the price tag is a bit high online check out Chemist Warehouse, they usually have them for around $10 less and they go on sale often too!  

  • Pure powder so you just mix it in with another serum.

Hyaluronic Acids

Finally, we have hydrating serums.  You’re looking for high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid here.  You can never have too much moisture.  Basically, if you’re doing those hella strong shots, think of this as a big glass of water.

 “I would ALWAYS recommend a hyaluronic acid for hydration too – you can use this in conjunction with your A/C vitamins” (Resident Beauty Expert Julia).

Our recs:

  • If I could only use one serum on my face it would be this. Name sounds scary, but Hyaluronic acid actually holds 1000 x it’s weight in water, so is basically the most hydrating thing ever – I use this day and night 7 days a week

  • This one is amazing too but on the pricier side, so I went back to The Ordinary as I felt they were doing basically the same thing! Still nice and lush though, and makes your skin so soft

  • If you’re on those job seeker payments earning some solid cash, this is a good spenny option.


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