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5 Things To Look Forward To

Lockdown or no lockdown, good things are still a comin'.

Hearing someone try to be positive in your 100th lockdown. Image: The Sun.

For the 12 million Australians who have been plunged into lockdown over the last week, it can be hard to stay positive and try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Making sourdough and getting a rockin' hot lockdown bod is so 2020. This year's lockdowns are about grumbling, blaming other parliamentary leaders, and drinking. Get with the program.

In an article by Adam Grant for The New York Times, he calls this feeling 'languishing.' We're not quite depressed, but not hopeful either. It's just this endless sea of blah. Plans are cancelled or derailed, overseas travel is non-existenent and we feel like we're on a horrible, never-ending loop. With that in mind, here's 5 things to actually look forward to, whether we are out and about or locked in our homes for the next 10 years (Okay, too far).

1. The Olympic Games

Konnichiwa Tokyo!! Image: Wix.

Stay with me.

Whether you're sporty or not (read: very much not) there's something about the world coming together to watch athletes live at the very top of their field that is just so exciting. Knowing you are viewing the same history-making moments as billions all over the world can be a magical experience. Think Simone Biles, the world's greatest gymnast who came from poverty, or see the new Aussie sprinter Rohan Browing, the fastest man in Australia.

I for one cannot wait for the Tokyo Opening Ceremony on Friday 23 August, which is said to be some sort of digital/anime-style experience. And also, the synchronised swimming cos obv. So order in some delicious Japanese and have an excuse to keep the TV on 24/7. Go Aussie Go!

2. Springtime

Blossoms in the tree tops always get me to smile, dammit. Image: Wix.

Lockdown be damned, the blossoms, they are a comin'! Watching shriveled up cold winter trees begin to blossom is the start of a new season, and always makes me smile. Blossoms signify new beginnings and are a lead up to lighter dressing, boozy brunches (just cos, don't think about it too much) and gets us one step closer to summer. We'll just ignore the hay-fever bit.

3. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Fuck yeah. Image: Channel 10.

Look, if you're reading this, you're a fan, so don't @ me. Are these shows antiquated, misogynistic, sexist, fake and lame? Yes. Will we be watching? 110%. The Bachelor is what got my gal group and us Lallers through lockdown last year. Even if it's a piece of shit, knowing you can say just how shit it is with others just kept the lols going against a common enemy when we were all stuck at home. Stay connected when it starts this Wednesday with our Live Bach Chats in the LAL Facebook Group.

4. Various movie and music releases

Sing it, Billie. Image: Pitchfork.

Just when it feels like you've clocked Netflix, new shit comes out (Heist, anyone?) We've got Billie Eilish's new album on July 30, James Bond in November (allegedly, take #457), MIFF and (insert cool musician or movie title here). While it feels like the world has stopped, the artists are still creating, and bringing us things that never would have happened without 2020 - think Taylor Swift's Folklore, the film Locked Down, and the tv series Retrograde. Hopefully it finally inspires RiRi to come back to music!

5. Knowing it will end...eventually

Keeps rainin' all the time... Ethel Waters, Youtube.

Whilst this bullshit can seem never ending, and we blame other countries, politicians, people and places; while we admonish ourselves for not doing more with our lockdown time; while it feels we have nothing to look forward to with plans derailed and cancelled, and hopes dashed with loved ones at the last minute; with those ongoing feelings of anger, sadness and despair - like everything, it WILL pass. We will, as Ethel Waters sings, 'walk in the sun once more.' And it will be fucking glorious.

Okay. I'm off to punch some Crowns biscuits at 10am with my dog on the couch and think about everything I should be doing before Bach starts on Wednesday.


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